Wallner Lab

studies in guinea pigs, humans

PhDs: Matthias Nemeth, MA; Benjamin Siart, MA
MAs: Daniele Schuster, Arthur Kaplan

Effects of sexual attractiveness (color, contrast, and morphology) on

  • hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis
  • hypothalamic-pituitary-andrenal axis                        
  • social behavior
  • social rank

studies in macaque ssp., chimpanzees

PhD: Lena Pflüger

Molecular biological aspects on

  • OXTR (SNP polymorphism)
  • dopaminergic system polymorphism
  • COMT (molecular biological basics of social hierarchy in primates)
  • mtDNA (molecular biological stress markers - expression rates under different environmental conditions)

non-human primates, humans

PhD: Lena Pflüger

Organizational behavior

  • evolutionary aspects of human pro-social behavior in the modern working process and its effects on the sex ratio at birth and stress physiology in relation to socioeconomic status

PhD: Johannes Jäschke, Benjamin Siart