Human Life History

Human Life History

Sylvia Kirchengast

In this working group we are interested in the biological characteristics defining Homo sapiens as a unique species - in the evolutionary origin, the processes, and the products of these features. As none of these can be explained exhaustively in the context of physical anthropology alone, we operate at intersection of bio-anthropology, human behavior, social anthropology, reproductive and behavioral ecology and Darwinian Medicine. From here we study selected causes (e.g., socio-cultural, economic, ecological, hormonal) of the modern human physical variation as well as their (behavioral and psychological) effects. In particular proximate determinants of these linkages and their long-term significance for reproduction, nutrition, health, disease and mortality are focused on.

Our samples are mainly drawn from recent but also from historical populations. For quantification, we mainly apply various methods of somatometrics, and the Geometric Morphometric toolkit.

This composition of research topics leads to eight subject areas, which essentially and necessarily overlap:

  • growth and development

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  • obesity and body composition

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  • sexual dimorphism

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  • life history

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  • ageing

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  • reproductive and behavioral ecology

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