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Dr. Desta Alemu
Desta Alemu

News: Dr. Desta Alemu has been living and working in Vienna for over 30 years. Since WS 2002 he is a staff member in the Anthropology Department at the University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences. His lectures are based on Cultural Anthropology and History of Ethiopia. He is a scientific researcher and translator in the Amharic, English and German languages for different faculties at the University of Vienna and other institutions. Desta has been teaching Amharic since 2000 for adults at the Brigittenau adult education school and Mother Tongue Amharic at Vienna International School since 2008.

He is the founder of and Chairman of the Ethiopian Cultural Centre (ABUGIDAWIEN) and General Secretary of the Austrian-Ethiopian Society. Desta's hobbies include swimming, cycling, reading and also participating in various social organizations.

Scientific Lectures
Since 2002 Lecturer and Scientific staff member at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Anthropology which headed by the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Horst Seidler in Vienna University (Emeritus). Cultural Anthropology and History of Ethiopia is the branch of anthropology in the University of Vienna that studies cultural variation among Ethiopian nationalities and ethnic groups in one side and emphasizing the back ground history of the country from the old history till the modern one.
Welcome to my lecture- Cultural Anthropology and History of Ethiopia.

Consultation hours: It will be all lectures are held through digital teaching, and I would therefore like to ask all students to work on my lectures independently and to prepare them for the exam. By using Moodle Platform of the University of Vienna you will find all written documents, films and audio materials about Ethiopia and thirteen modules in total, as well as more than a hundred questions or topics for your exam preparation.

This lecture starts digitally on October at the University of Vienna, Life Sciences Facility in the department of Evolutionary Anthropology.

Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

Djerassiplatz 1 (UBB)
1030 Wien