Ass.-Prof. Aikaterini Douka, PhD
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Brown, S., Massilani, D., Kozlikin, M. B., Shunkov, M. V., Derevianko, A. P., Stoessel, A., Jope-Street, B., Meyer, M., Kelso, J., Pääbo, S., Higham, T., & Douka, A. (2021). The earliest Denisovans and their cultural adaptation. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 6(1), 28-35.

Brown, S., Wang, N., Oertle, A., Kozlikin, M. B., Shunkov, M., Derevianko, A. P., Comeskey, D., Jope-Street, B., Harvey, V. L., Chowdhury, M. P., Buckley, M., Higham, T., & Douka, A. (2021). Zooarchaeology through the lens of collagen fingerprinting at Denisova Cave. Scientific Reports, 11(1), [15457].

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T: +43-1-4277-54750